Instant Progressive Jackpots | The Reality of Winning a Progressive Jackpot!

Instant Progressive Jackpots That Make the Difference

Who doesn’t love a game of slots? A simple game that needs no introduction, it builds excitement with players who love to spin the wheel. For an even better triumph, instant progressive jackpots offer even bigger cash prizes! With cool graphics, fun features and amazing suspense, it’s hard to match the thrill of slots.

New Slots with Progressive Jackpot Funds

Since its creation in 1894 in the United States, slots have adapted through times and changes to feature on our computers today. Now with the increasing popularity of smartphones, you can take them anywhere. Playing slots is one of the more popular versions on mobile casinos, with jackpots the aim of the game.


Now there are hundreds of themes which can keep you interested for days on end. Titles like Moolah from Microgaming offer an African theme which is really exciting and fun. Alternatively, you can play musical-themed slots too, with Guns N Roses a popular choice for players. All of which are playable with real money which is discussed more here.

What’s the Theory Behind Instant Progressive Jackpots

An exciting game that makes an amazing scene between multiple players, watch as the jackpot increases. In the ideal scenario, as you hit spin your balance can go from ten pounds to a million! With instant progressive jackpots, these games are centralised, meaning they’re just on the internet.

When you join the network and get involved, the jackpot balance will rise. This will keep occurring until someone wins a massive pot! As the fun and anticipation build, so does the kitty. With multiple players from around the world, the numbers available to win are staggering.

Jackpots on Mega Fortune - Odds Explained

What really excites each player is knowing somebody hasn’t won yet. Much like a lottery jackpot, you wait and wait till somebody does, and cross your fingers and toes that it’s you! Not to mention the different graphics you can get from instant progressive jackpots games. With special themes and music, you’ll feel a part of the fun.

Not to mention the massively increased prizes on offer. Progressive jackpots have huge amounts available to win, even going past the £10 million total. With payments all in one go instead of spread over a set time, there’s no wonder so many love the thrill and incentive of instant progressive jackpots.

For example, even a British soldier put his name in casino folklore with a Guinness world record entry, scooping a massive £13.2 million jackpot in 2015. To trump that, Mega Moolah lavished high praise on a not-named player, who collected a cool €18,915,872.81 in 2018.

Supporting Others

Want to have one final reason to get involved with instant progressive jackpots? You can now play a set amount of games online through the Health Games, which supports a number of important beneficial health charities. Of course, you have to be over 18, but you can play on any device whenever you like.

Instant Progressive Jackpots

Whether it’s on mobile or desktop at home, you can play progressive slots to earn the big bucks. As well as Mega Moolah, you can also give a spin on Cleopatra. This pays homage to the Egyptian queen and takes you on a journey to another world.  Read more on phone bill slots and games to see how you can access and play easier.

Also, the likes of Wheel of Fortune, Siberian Storm and Ocean Belles are just a few examples of fun slots titles. With a minimum jackpot of £500,000, there is plenty to play for. Considering the log in process is so easy and you can instantly win money, you’d be a fool not to consider.